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What is PhysioFUSION?

Principal physiotherapist and founder of PhysioFUSION Sally Buratowski says physioFUSION is a new science that combines physiotherapy, pilates, personal training, yoga-like stretching and meditation style exercises to get results up to four times faster than traditional methods.
Sally teaches you to relax the outside muscles and replace them with the inside ones so that she rebuilds your body from the inside out. Sally teaches you to use the correct muscles in the correct order so that you get the desired results you want quicker.

PhysioFUSION is perfect for new mothers who want their 'pre baby' body back quickly, athletes looking for a hard, intense, results driven and personalised workout, elderly people wishing to stretch and have movement and for anyone wishing to revitalise after a long day.

PhysioFUSION will keep you fit, pain free and looking and feeling good.